Use this page to access more information about the 2050 Transportation Plan Update process as it progresses.  Because every Transportation Plan update builds on previous efforts the best way to prepare is to review the current (2040)  Transportation Plan.

Proposed Congestion Management Projects

On December 3rd the MVRPC Board of Directors adopted the proposed, fiscally constrained, Congestion Management Project list.  MVRPC staff is currently finalizing the Plan analysis and writing the final report. 

Regional Report Card

In preparation for the 2050 Transportation Plan update, MVRPC has updated the Regional Report Card.  The Regional Report Card documents progress towards various transportation measures including system performance, safety, transportation system conditions, and accessibility.  The Regional Report Card also highlights the benefits of the I-75 Modernization Project and upcoming public participation opportunities for the 2050 Transportation Plan update.

regional report card
Regional Report Card example
bottleneck graphics
I-75 Bottleneck Comparison